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Photography is a major component of our services at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. For the past 12 years, safari tour leaders have chosen our location to bring their clients, resulting in world-class images of coastal brown bears, puffins, bald eagles and magnificent scenery. We have developed a safe and successful program of moving into the bears’ habitat, altering as little as possible their natural free- ranging movements. No permits or viewing platforms are used. Guides at SSCL are well trained in knowing the local area’s opportunities and work hard to position their guests as closely and safely to the bears as circumstances allow as they forage for grass, clams, berries and salmon. Long hours in the field can be expected, with the extended summer daylight allowing for early morning and late evening excursions.

Our lounge area with built-in screen allows for professional power-point presentations, with guests encouraged to show case their own work. With this teaching and learning environment, all levels, from beginner to pro shooter, can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while capturing stellar images of wildlife and natural beauty.

Care is taken to protect all camera gear, since we are operating in a salt-water environment. The guides are well versed in helping protect camera equipment, especially along tidal flats and on boat excursions.

Photo groups are arranged for field transport according to their level of interest and skill.

Homogenous groups under the direction of a tour leader will comprise one group, while smaller groups may be combined.

Lake Clark National Park is a relatively new park with untapped potential for all photographers. The idyllic saltwater bays and grassy meadows of its coastline harbor some of Alaska’s most treasured wildlife and scenic opportunities.

Various camera lenses are available for rent at the lodge. Contact us for specific questions regarding our photography program and see our FAQ’s page for more details.