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Sea Kayaking

While parts of Cook Inlet are popular road-side destinations for sea-kayakers, Silver Salmon Creek Lodge is proud to announce the first fly-in sea-kayak service, where untapped salt-water bays and river systems await the eager paddler who seeks an un-crowded and remote marine landscape. We have two sea- kayak packages which cater to both beginner and advanced kayaker. For the beginner kayaker or those just wanting to break away from other activities for a 1-2 hour paddle, the inner sloughs adjacent to the lodge fill at high tide, providing a serene and calm waterway where bears, bald eagles and other local wildlife can often be seen. Only the higher range of tides can make this local trip possible, so it is important to check with us prior to choosing dates if this is a desired service.

For the more experienced kayaker, we can arrange full day tours to pristine salt water bays north and south of the lodge. Kayaks and paddlers are transported by charter boat, along with a guide and field lunch for a full day of kayaking among geologically dynamic mountains, sea-birds and tidal estuaries. This is a weather-dependent trip and needs to be arranged prior to arrival. This full day trip has an additional charge of $150 per person with a minimum number of 3 participants and advance notice.

Our fleet includes 3 molded plastic vessels, complete with foot-pedal activated rudders, spray skirts, and life vests. Safety is of utmost importance while dealing with Cook Inlet’s strong tides, cold water, and potential high winds.