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Birding along the coast of Lake Clark National Park opens up vast opportunities for identifying, observing and photographing a large variety of species. The primary interest for birders are the coastal boat trips taken from Silver Salmon Creek Lodge to nearby islands where a profusion of pelagic sea-birds gather for their nesting activities. Horned and tufted puffins, kittiwakes, murres, oystercatchers, parakeet auklets, eiders, and a variety of gulls make these islands their home for the short summer months. They are accustomed to our charter boats inching their way along the rocky cliffs and beaches. The intimacy of being in such close proximity to the raucous birds and surrounding rugged terrain lends itself to a deep appreciation of their efforts to successfully procreate and provide for their young. Nearer to the lodge, there are numerous shore birds and song birds that are resident to the area and create an interesting supplement to the other guest activities. Birds of prey round out the list of expected sightings including bald eagles, peregrine falcons and northern harriers, often seen as they scour the meadows and tidal estuaries. Silver Salmon Creek Lodge supports the ecotourism movement by operating in an environmentally sound manner and supporting responsible travel that conserves natural environments.